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“Donate Life” rocks placed across town help promote organ donation

HORACE, N.D. — Two women multiple states apart are brought together by a common goal: spreading awareness of the importance of organ donation.

Terri Reed of Colorado Springs and Sarah Fisher of Horace both lost their sons at just 22 years old.

Both Travis Wagner and Cameron Bolton’s organs have helped save lives.

To promote conversations surrounding organ donation, Reed began painting thousands of “Donate Life” rocks and placing them around her home state of Colorado.

She soon sent several to Fisher, who has been placing them around Fargo and Horace.

They say they didn’t expect for the initiative to become as large as it has, with people all around the country requesting rocks to help spread the message.

“It just means the world to me to see that something I thought was so tiny has exploded and people are begging for these rocks,” said Reed. “If they can just save a life, if it can encourage someone to go and become a registered donor, to me that is worth it.”

Fisher added, “I would love to see rocks all over and just people finding them and being able to have those conversations of, ‘What is Donate Life?'”

Reed says the goal is to get the rocks to every state in the country.

They both add that blood donors and living donors are just as important as deceased donors.

Find more information on how to become a donor at: and

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Found a rock? Let us know!

Send us an email at or post to our facebook page @CrossesForCameron ! We would love to see how far the word of donation can spread! 

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