Help us build the Garden of Healing!

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We are proud to announce the "Garden of Healing", located within Urban Plains Park at 5050 30th Avenue South in Fargo, North Dakota. This will be a place to come together and honor and celebrate our donor heroes who have given the gift of life through organ, tissue, and cornea donation. Together, brick by brick, we will build the Garden of Healing. These bricks symbolize that these heroes gifts will always be remembered. 

If any of your family or friends have been touched by organ donation, the Garden of Healing will give you the opportunity to help create this memorial by purchasing a brick to be engraved with your loved one's name. These bricks will be added on an ongoing basis, and can be ordered at any time. 

Almost 120,000 people nationwide are currently waiting for organ/tissue transplants, and this increases every hour. One person can donate up to 8 life saving organs - 1 Heart, 2 Kidneys, 1 Liver, 1 Pancreas, 2 Lungs and Intestines, as well as all valuable tissue. These transplants make a difference between life and death, which is why all organ and tissue donor heroes, living or diseased, deserve our gratitude and honor. We welcome you to the Garden of Healing. 

To become a donor, FIRST make the commitment. SECOND, visit or register in person at your local DMV. If you are an area Minnesota resident, you can also register online when purchasing a hunting or fishing license through the DNR. THIRD, tell your family and friends of your decision, so they may honor your wishes.

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